• Dogs: Rabies vaccine, Distemper / Parvo vaccine, annual Bordatella vaccine, Canine Influenza vaccine, annual stool check, and annual Heartworm test

    Cats: Rabies vaccine, FRCP vaccine, Leukemia vaccine or FELV test and annual stool check
  • I give my permission for my pet to have peanut butter filled kongs and other “busy” toys provided by Paw Pur’s Place during their stay.
  • (If yes, the Urgent Care sheet found on the website needs to be filled out by client)
  • Should injury or circumstance warrant the need for emergency service, I understand that the clinic will try to contact the necessary people before treatment, but will exercise the option to proceed if no one is available for approval.
  • As the owner or authorized guardian of this animal, I give permission to MCAH to receive, treat, prescribe or otherwise care for the animal above as deemed necessary.